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About eV TEC Academy

The world has witnessed how the internet revolution has changed their lives and impacted the economy in general.


The worldwide expansion of the internet has contributed considerably to the transformation of trade, buying or selling products or services or simply called as E-commerce.


40% of worldwide internet users have bought products or goods online via desktop, mobile, tablet or other devices. This amounts to more than 1 billion online buyer and is projected to grow further.


So many scrappy innovations once have today become successful companies. We have seen them growing strength to strength but never got an opportunity to be a part of it neither did we take action to innovate in leveraging the internet revolution. Enough rues of missed opportunities.


At eV TEC, we have formulated a well designed and well-tested E-commerce platform specialized for marketing and selling learning programs, uniquely integrating our very own brand of social media with the vision of bringing accessible and affordable knowledge to learners and creating a learning community via Mindappz social media.


We are now aiming to fulfill the needs of learners worldwide by providing them a stable user friendly platform that allows them to shop for contemporary school syllabus, tertiary education courses, video learning, audio books, e-books, various genres of books, opportunities to sign up for distance learning classes and tutoring.


Mindappz also aspire to work with institutions/ academies /teachers /master and content experts in order to help them market and monetize existing content by giving them a platform to create a course or teach online classes which is suitablyappropriate for today’s generation of learners/students – self paced, on demand, video based, interactive and modular. will be a unique one stop learning hub for avid learners worldwide.


Our winning formula is to learn, teach, connect and earn. The opportunity that the platform provides is not only for users but also aspiring entrepreneurs via a virtual franchising of Mindappz platform.


What does this mean for you?


Through MindAppz you can build successful business of your own by offering people education services. CDI will assist you to develop, provide and maintain your own virtual franchise where you can direct people to go and shop for education program services.


At MindAppz you can earn residual income by creating traffic via franchisee’s unique URL. That means every time a person becomes a customer of MindAppz will shop through your franchise. You get paid month after month, year after year and every time when your customer refers to other customers and they shop via your franchise, you will earn more profits.


But that’s just a beginning.


Introduce others to eV TEC Academy and show them how to get traffic to their own franchise. Now not only their residual income grows so does your passive income. The best news is that there is no limit to the number of customer you can acquire and no limited number of people you can introduce as a franchise.


All these earning potentials are more than possible as we are only providing the already existing customers with the education industry and a new smarter way to do edu shopping.


As an entrepreneur, one of the biggest decisions you’ll make when you’re starting up is whether to build everything from scratch or to invest in a franchise.


At eV TEC our business is providing individuals who are ambitious like you with lucrative business opportunity and nurture them to be a successful techno entrepreneur with the services we offered.


Here are 6 Benefits of ev TEC 


1. You can go into business for yourself, but not by yourself.

You get to start your own business, but you’re not alone – you have support. Not only you have the support of corporates, but you will also have support from your fellow digital franchise owners. These are the resources you can immediately tap onto.


2. Products and Services are Created for You

All of your products and services are created for you and are proven and tested with a target market that already loves them. It’s a turnkey solution.


3. Proven Sales Funnel

When you go with a Mindappz franchise, the sales funnel will be created for you and will be able to provide you with conversion percentages at each point in the funnel. This makes your job of driving traffic simple – you know how much traffic you need to drive to create leads and sales as people progress through the funnel.


4. On-Going Training

Mindappz franchise system is also offering you plenty of on-going training. A virtual franchise system will help you to develop your traffic generation skills, lead acquisition skills, copywriting skills and more. For example, with this virtual franchise system you will get access to marketing briefings, on-demand training and even live events and masterminds.


5. Done-for-You Services

A digital franchise system might also offer you several done-for-you services, like done- for-you setup eg. weboffice to manage your store front unique url, payment gateway or even done-for-you coaching (where sales coaches talk with your prospects on your behalf).


6. Risk Avoidance

The final benefit to owning a Mindappz franchise is risk avoidance! Starting an online business can be time consuming, confusing and take a long time to get up and running. A digital franchise shortens the learning curve since it’s a turnkey system and gets you to generate profits as soon as you begin.

Today, if we bring about ideas on wealth building that others simply aren’t talking about, it is not because we want to set ourselves apart. It is simply because we believe in our ideas and we believe that you should have all information you need to make the right decisions about your capacity to make wealth.


Now think about what franchise can do as an opportunity for you.


Apart from being a significant ambassador to an innovation that’s going to take the world by storm, you get to inherit a legacy, financial freedom, time freedom and as a result let’s see how it is going to impact your quality of life, your relationship, your lifestyle, your contribution to humanity and ultimately your dreams.


Mindappz is the breakthrough that you have been waiting for. As an aspiring entrepreneur, now you can be a part of this innovative business opportunity and leverage Mindappz to own a formidable business, generate unlimited profits andinherit a legacy.


Breakthrough with 3 simple steps:

  1. Acquire an EduCentre - Powered by MindAppz

  2. Plug in to eV TEC Academy

  3. Grow a business worldwide.


eV TEC defines itself by its absolute transparency, when you receive a proposal from us, you can see that we want to talk to you, to tell you what we know and to tell you what you need to know, we take all the time and energy in the world to help you flourish. 

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